The Chuck Box Camp Kitchen - The Ultimate Portable Camp Kitchen Box
February 11, 2019

The Chuck Box Camp Kitchen - The Ultimate Portable Camp Kitchen Box

Remember your dad being stressed out on family camping trips? Now that you’re in the parenting role, it’s easy to understand. Camping, with kids, is wildly stressful. And you thought camping was supposed to feel like a restful break from your 9-5.

Meal planning, food prep, cooking and washing dishes in the woods are stressful enough to raise your blood pressure.

But what if cooking while camping didn’t need to be stressful?

What if there was an easy way to pack, use and store all your camping kitchen tools?

That’s where The Chuck Box Camp Kitchen steps in and becomes the hero of the camping trip.




We were on a multi-family camping weekend with 8 other families, all with kids in tow. It could have been a disastrous trip filled with over-packing, stressy meal times and lots of dirty dishes brought home (nothing worse than scraping off 3 day old baked beans from your camping dishes).

But for this trip, we brought our Chuck Box Camp Kitchen.

It was already pre-packed with all our kitchen gear - stove, dishes, silverware, dish soap, towels, and spices. So we grabbed it from the garage, shoved it in the back of the pick-up and headed up north.

At the campground, setting up the kitchen was as simple as setting The Chuck Box Camp Kitchen on the picnic table.

We were ready to make dinner the moment we arrived. That night we served up mac n cheese for 14 kids and steak, hot dogs and burgers to compliment the cheap beer and wine the adults were enjoying.

The set-up of The Chuck Box Camp Kitchen made cooking and clean-up for 25+ people easy peasey. And, my husband secured the weekend title “camp chef hero”.


So what is The Chuck Box Camp Kitchen?

It’s a solid plastic box that’s perfectly molded to fit your propane stove on top, and stores all your kitchen tools in the organized storage box below. It has a pull out silverware tray, pull out utility drawer and compartments that fit your dishes, pans and everything else you need for outdoor cooking. Plus, each Chuck Box is roto-molded for durability.

What does roto-molded mean?

It’s a superior manufacturing process used to make each Chuck Box Camp Kitchen.

Your Camp Kitchen needs to survive the wilderness, so it's made with a superior manufacturing process called roto-molding. Roto-molding produces sturdy walls and strong corners for lasting durability. The box is one solid piece so it's easier to clean and won't crack or separate.

Plus, it creates less waste than other plastic manufacturing processes. 

Want to see how we make each Chuck Box Camp Kitchen? Check out our manufacturing process.  





What makes The Chuck Box different than other camp kitchens?


This is an all-in-one box camp kitchen. There’s no flimsy legs or shaky counters, and it’s set up the second you take it out of your trunk. It’s compact and won’t take up space at your campsite. It’s easy to pack, easy to cary and easy to store.




Because it’s made from durable plastic, it’s so easy to clean. Wipe it down with a damp cloth or spray it with the hose if it gets real dirty.

The Chuck Box Camp Kitchen has many uses:

  • Camping
  • Fishing
  • RV'ing
  • Tailgating
  • Emergency Preparedness
  • Road Trips
  • Outdoor cooking



The best part of buying a Yoke Chuck Box camp kitchen is you get a quality USA made product backed by a lifetime guarantee. 


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