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Chuck Box Camp Kitchen
Timothy Havner
Excellent way to stay organized

So far I’m really liking it, I believe this will fix my unorganized camp kitchen.

Chuck Box Camp Kitchen
Philip Rankey

I’ve been struggling with my camp kitchen organization and am excited to try this out at the end of next month. In the mean time I’ve been stocking it up with what I think I need and seem to have plenty of room for a few wants too.

Full and Ready To Go!

Love this Camp Kitchen. It's already full and ready to go. We were able to consolidate all our supplies into the kitchen thus freeing space in 1 bin and emptying another! Initially my Chuck Box came without the drawers but Yoke was quick to remedy this and they arrived just 2 days later! Can't wait to get out there with my new Kitchen setup.

Chuck Box Camp Kitchen
Tianay Friend
Fits Right IN

So Pleased with this kitchen Box , have been playing around. With it getting all the right things in I before take it. I the wilderness .It te perfect size ,fits right it of my topper , which is my camper . Will work great wether I have my tent hooked on the back or not ❤️

Chuck Box Camp Kitchen
Eileen Shackleford
Husband thrilled

Purchased this for my hubby for Christmas. To quote, "I can't believe I have a Chuckbox!". He moved right in and can't wait to see how it performs on our next campout.

Great addition to our camping routine.

This Chuck Box will make storage of your kitchen essentials an easy one stop spot. While I keep a lot of our kitchen gear in our over-built Overlander all year long, we needed a better solution for our newer "weekender" and the Chuck Box is perfect. It's a great way to keep everything close while you cook, store everything while traveling and it fits great in the FJ. When we are back at home after a weekend, we just toss it in the camping zone in the garage and voila, everything has a place and everything in it's place.
We even lightened the load a bit in the Overlander.
It even includes a sink for dishes so just toss your favorite cooking gear in the box, add your Discada and a firepit in the back of your rig and you are set. Get out, adventure awaits.


Built like a tank .. love the attention to details .. i.e. hinges, front lock ... now comes the fun part .. filling it up .. arranging & re-arranging .. I like having the ability to keep most of our cook kit organized & in one place .. Well Done !

Chuck Box Camp Kitchen
Warren Sanamo
Chuck Box Camp Kitchen

Satisfied with the size, construction and versatility. Looking forward to using it on our next hunting trip.

Best investment !!

Made everything fit and organized for 4 people to enjoy the Hawaii outdoors. Awesome investment! Thanks and aloha Chuck Box Camp Kitchen.

Chuck Box Camp Kitchen
Mary Abarca Vasquez
Well Made

The Chuck Box looks well made and I am extremely pleased. I will be camping at the end of the month and will be able to see how it all works.

Chuck Box Camp Kitchen
Christy Dearbonne

I bought this as a gift for my husband (super hard to buy for) at first he wasn’t sure about it. We just got back from Colorado for two weeks and it worked out great. Now that he’s made it his own with his stuff, he really likes it

Chuck Box Camp Kitchen
George V Blythe

Haven’t had a chance to use it yet, but the stove box hinge is going to require some reworking to allow it to open easily.

Sturdy and organized!

We just got our box a few weeks ago and took it camping for the first time this weekend. We love it! So much better than the jumbled plastic tub we used before. Definitely recommend it!

Chuck Box Camp Kitchen
James Wellons
Better than expected!!

Very strong Chuck box that holds way more than I ever thought it would. This box is great for putting my whole kitchen in one place for my camping trips!

Just what I was looking for

My wife and I recently purchased a new Sylvan Sport GO. As it is a small camper, we are trying to organize everything to be more efficient. This box allows us to pare everything down from two boxes to one and be muliti-functional at the same time! Good job!

I know it is Good!

Didn’t have a chance to use it yet, but I am sure it is very good product.

Chuck Box Camp Kitchen
Errol Manor Jr
Can't wait to use my chuck box

I received my chuck box recently. I'm very excited to use it.

Poole Review

We have not actually used it yet, but we have it packed up and ready for our next adventure. Love the design and layout.

Fantastic after 2+ years

Its just the right size for a family of fours kitchen gear for the weekend and easy to handle for 1 to carry, of course no need to pack a kitchen sink that's what the removable lid is for. Its great keeps my camp kitchen all together in one grab and go box. Don't have to worry about the elements while camping it closes up and keeps things high and dry. It has a great sturdy build and is just as sturdy and reliable after years of use, its closer to 3 years old than 2 since i bough it. Sliding around in the bed of the truck when going and coming from camping trips, and stacking camping gear on top of it almost like new.

Solid product

The Chuck box is very strong and sturdy with lots of storage space. I’m very pleased with my purchase.

I like my initial impression however, I haven't had a chance to use it yet.

Worth the wait!

Supply chain problems on the resin caused a couple of months delay but the Yoke team were great about communicating on the delay, even offering a refund. Because I had time I wanted to wait. The wait was worth it. Got my box last week and spent today moving from my custom made plywood box to the Chuck box. Feels 30 ponds lighter loaded! The wash basin is a great idea. I will not need that for stove storage as I have a slide out kitchen for my stove so I will use that for utensil storage. Looking forward to using it when my new truck arrives and I head up to the Colorado Mountains!

Love the Chuck Box

Love the Chuck Box

Had to wait a bit for it but it was definitely worth it!

Chuck Box Camp Kitchen
Norman Alexander
5 star product, glad we waited.

Works perfectly in our offroad trailer. Even the updated color is better than the standard color. The fit for our kitchen gear is excellent. Worth waiting for the supply chain to catch up to our order.