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Just as advertised

We love the chick box! Very well thought out and quality built. Excited to give a try this spring.


Fit and finish is great!! No issues so far. Works great I highly recommend it

Solid Construction

I haven't put the Chuck Box to the test yet, but it is well made and seems a logical layout. Camping trips are in the near future...I'll put it to the test.

Chuck Box Camp Kitchen
Great camp kitchen

I researched through every company that makes camp kitchens, and my choice was the chuck box… Im very pleased with the chuck box, and I’m very confident, I made the right choice! I look forward to many years in the Rockies, with my chuck box!


Chuck Box Camp Kitchen
Kallin Baumann
Absolutely Perfect

I had been looking around for a while for a chuck box I liked. Lots seemed too heavy or bulky, this one is perfect. Light but still super sturdy! I love it! My sister saw it and wants to buy one too!

Well designed!!

We are very happy with it! We were amazed with all the items it holds. It is well accessible, which is what made us buy it. The lid is a great dish washing tub.

Chuck Box Camp Kitchen
Matt Brodbeck
Fantastic purchase!

We absolutely love our chuck box. The quality is amazing!

Awesome piece of gear, but be careful when using a camp oven!

This thing is awesome, and there isn't much more that can be said that has not been mentioned already. I consolidated two other totes into this one unit, and it makes it incredibly easy giving everything its own storage place without it being super heavy.

However, if you use a camp oven (such as the Coleman camp oven), be very careful to not use a pan larger than 8"x8", and leave one of the side wind deflectors folded in so that your stove can vent the extra heat. If not, you run the risk of melting divots (from the feet of the stove) into the top of your chuck box, like I did. It still works great, though!

I use a 1973 Coleman 425E and Coleman camp oven, for reference.

Highly Recommend

I had been looking for a chuck box for a while to use for camping. I grew up camping and we always used a hand made wooden chuck box, so I wanted something similar. I was happy to find this company, and received the chuck box in plenty of time for our camping trip. The quality is excellent! The only issue we had was pulling the utensil drawer in and out. It was a bit difficult to pull in and out without tugging. I love that our camp stove can be used on top of the chuck box, which saves room on our camp kitchen surface. I also like that the camp stove can be stored on top of the chuck box. The quality and sturdiness of the box is terrific and I look forward to using this and making memories for years to come! Thank you for the quality piece!

Great addition to camping gear load out

The Chuck box will be very helpful in keeping the meal prep gear organized and available. Not everything will fit, but the essentials all have a place. I am glad “everything” does not fit as then it would be way too heavy. I have some concern about the latch but so far it is not an issue. I am very happy with the Chuck box and I am looking forward to many years of use.

Great box

Very sturdy, holds a lot-my entire kitchen and combines what was two boxes into one that is easier to carry

Chuck Box Camp Kitchen
James Buccelli

Love the box, wish it was a bit smaller, the utensil draw sticks bad..driving me crazy . Tried to file it where sticking

Chuck Box Camp Kitchen
Nathan Zwiefel
Chuck Box

This is a very well constructed and thought out camp kitchen. I used a tote prior to this and was constantly having to dig to the bottom to find what I was looking for and this camp kitchen solved that problem and it still holds everything I use with a little more usable space. My camp stove I use is the Coleman 425 and fits without an issue. I highly recommend the Chuck Box if you are looking for a camp kitchen, plus lifetime warranty, you cant go wrong. Great product, THANKS!

Worked Great!

Took my Chuck Box Camp Kitchen with us to Grand Teton National Park for a week long camping trip. Although my Cook Partner 22-in stove was 1/2 an inch too big I well still able to store a couple of other things under the wash basin on top. Organization was great with the chuck box and having everything all accessible made kitchen time a breeze. I had several people ask me where I purchased it. If you're thinking about buying this it's a good buy just make sure that you check out the interior dimensions before you purchase things to fit inside. At first I thought it was just a little too small but learned that it actually it's just about the perfect size. Keep safe have fun.

Love my Chuck Box

I was able to consolidate two plastic camping boxes into the Chuck Box. Very well made and easy to use. The weight was critical for me and fully loaded with my stove I can still handle it without help (female, 120 Lbs). My only issue is the depth was too large to fit into my 19” Husky garage cabinet. In addition, customer service was great, shipping early, and packaging was very good. Our first trip out with the Chuck Box is at the end of June. Cheers to the person who made my Chuck Box in the USA!

Absolutely brilliant

If you’ve ever owned a rotomolded kayak, you’ll understand their durability and ease of maintainance. If you’ve ever been camping, you’ll understand how your gear gets wrecked by rain, dirt, kids, spilled food, etc. I thought about building my own chuck box, but knew wood just isn’t suited for the realities of camp durability/maintainability. With this chuck box, even the worst that a camping trip can throw at it (dragging it across the ground, spilling spaghetti on it, sitting on it with muddy shorts, rainstorms, etc.) can be cleaned up by simply hosing it out. My only gripe is that the front panel does not lay flat when opened. This would be nice as it would be more useful as a prep surface. Made in USA!!!

Chuck box

I'm very happy with the quality.
I bought a camping kitchen set for it like the video and there still lots of extra space
Yes I would recomend this product.
Thank you

Chuck Box Camp Kitchen
Victor Yamauchi
Just what I was looking for...

Searched the web and YouTube for just the right chuck box that was sturdy, small enough, light enough and would hold enough.

Wanted no heavy wood or over metaled, not complex and not something I could build myself (though I was desperate enough to do so...) About to give up and one last search and here was The Chuck Box Camp Kitchen. So thrilled, I bought two... ;-)

Chuck Box Camp Kitchen
Laura Mantrone
Chuck Box Camp Kitchen

I just came back from three days of car camping with my family on a lake in north Georgia. The Chuck Box Camp Kitchen met all of my expectations. It was wonderful to have all of my kitchen gear organized and in one place. I specifically appreciated being able to pull out the utensils tray and place it on our picnic bench for easy access. I also really loved having the stove at height level so that I didn’t have to bend over while cooking. The tray that opens out enabled me to be able to prepare and place food to be cooked on a clean surface. The detachable top worked very well as a place to wash the dishes. I placed a silicone placement below my Coleman stove to keep it in place, which I highly recommend. Lastly, due to Covid 19 which hit Michigan very hard, there was a delay in getting my camp kitchen. The Chuck Box team did a great job keeping me posted as to when my box was next in line to be sent out. It was definitely worth the wait. I highly recommend this product with no hesitations and look forward to using it in the future.

Chuck Box Camp Kitchen
Teresa Richards
Best Box Ever

Normally I do not take time to write reviews, but I couldn't pass up the opportunity to do so. My family and I do a ton of van camping and I had all my supplies in 3 survival bags. It was terrible. I was very skeptical that all my gear would fit in this camp kitchen. But all of it fit and it is well organized now! The first time I used it I was blown away by how much easier my life will be on trips. The material is amazing! For a fact, this will last a very long time, much longer than a wooden box. Last but not least, customer service was stellar. Due to high demand and a piece of hardware that needed to be delivered, my box was running late. But I was contacted about it and then was contacted 2 more times to keep me updated. If you order and find yourself waiting longer than expected, trust me, it's worth the wait. I could not be happier with my camp kitchen. Also, check out some pictures on their Instagram. There are plenty of great ideas for set up ideas. Happy camping everyone!

Chuck Box Camp Kitchen
Ruby Okosi Vanarsdale
Chuck box

I love the compartments,durability and the handles. I have already filled it with my supplies. Thank you

Tuff box!

This chuck box is one tough mo-fo! It took a couple attempts to organize what i need in it but it didn't fail. It's built tough, organizes well, not too big, not too small and the handles make it easy to move. I put a little grip tape on the bottom to keep it from sliding around in my carpeted van. I'm really stoked over my purchase. It does make things a little easier when I car camp. If you built one yourself. It would be way heavier. No regrets!

Chuck Box Camp Kitchen
Angela Morris

This box has far exceeded my expectations. Very well built. Holds everything I could possibly want for camp cooking.

Chuck Box Camp Kitchen
nathaniel beckett
This Box covers all the essentials

The Chuck Box Camp Kitchen is a well executed tool. It has has enough room for all my essentials.

Chuck Box Camp Kitchen
Steve Campbell

Received the camp kitchen just before our annual trout fishing tournament on Cape Cod in Massachusetts. After opening the package I was amazed at how light and strong the box and accompanying cabinets were. I empty the contents of two totes that use to hold my camp cooking gear into the Chuck Box. Now everything is organized, and easily found. Once at camp my group was very impressed with the box. We pack a Weber Q grille and foldable stand, and a Cabala's foldable camp table, and a Ozark cooler which held everything for the weekend event. It is just a great product. We are looking forward to future travel and camping with some overlanding thrown in the mix. The Chuck Box will be our traveling companion for many years.