Manufacturing Process

We build the Chuck Box Camp Kitchen to last, which is why we give it a lifetime guarantee. But a product’s toughness and durability can be difficult to see in a flat photo on a website. People have asked us if the Chuck Box Camp Kitchen will hold up to constant off-roading (yes it will). They have also told us that they think the product looks flimsy (it’s not).

We stand by the toughness and durability of the Chuck Box Camp Kitchen because we know the manufacturing process we use – rotational molding - creates a superior product compared to other processes. This process takes longer than other methods of shaping plastic products, like injection molding, but we think it’s worth it. And bonus: it’s made right here in the USA.

Here’s how we build our camp kitchens to last:

1. It’s starts with a polymer powder in a color we call “Chuck Box Green.” The polymer is poured into the Chuck Box Camp Kitchen molds.

2. Next, the polymer-filled molds are heated and rotated in a high-temperature oven until all the polymers are melted and have adhered to the walls of the mold. Rotational-molding (AKA “roto-molding) creates a seamless finished product, making it exceptionally durable. It allows for features like molded handles that will never break off or get caught on other equipment. 

3. After heating comes cooling. This is a lengthy and tricky process. The product has to be cooled to the point where it can be safely handled by a human operator. 

4. After the raw pieces are molded and cooled, the team at the manufacturing plant hand shapes the interior. It’s labor and time intensive, and the highly-skilled men and women who hand-shape the Chuck Box Camp Kitchen take pride in every piece they make.

The final product is a USA made camp kitchen that we sell with a lifetime guarantee.

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YOKE Chuck Box

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