Do you ship internationally? 

We are only able to ship within the U.S.A. 

Can I use my camp stove on the Chuck Box?

Yes. It is safe to cook with the stove on the Chuck Box. Here's a list of stoves that fit. Do not store propane inside the Chuck Box when the stove is not in use.

How much does it weigh? 

An empty Chuck Box Camp Kitchen weighs 19 lbs. Depending on the weight of your gear, a fully stocked Chuck Box weighs on average 50 lbs.

What do you recommend to outfit it?

Here's our checklist of the gear we recommend

Is the Chuck Box waterproof?

It will protect your gear from the rain and elements, but it's not fully waterproof. 

How does the Chuck Box Camp Kitchen arrive? 

Each camp kitchen box comes fully-assembled and ready to use. It comes packaged in a 100% recyclable cardboard shipping box. 

Is it sturdy enough to sit on? 

You betcha. The Chuck Box made from high-density plastic, making it durable enough to use as another seat around the camp fire.

What does "roto-molded" mean? 

Roto-molding (short for rotational-molding) is the superior manufacturing process we use to make the Chuck Box. 

Roto-molding produces sturdy walls and strong corners for lasting durability. The box is one solid piece so it's easier to clean and won't crack or separate.

(Have you heard of Yeti coolers? You know how they're super indestructible? That's because they're also made using the roto-molding process).

What is the size of the camp kitchen box? 

External dimensions are:

19" h x 24.5" w x 18" d

Each box weighs 19 lbs when empty.

What does The Chuck Box Camp Kitchen come equipped with? 

Each Chuck Box comes with a pull out silverware tray, utility tray (for things like spatulas), four separate storage compartments, and a removable cover that becomes a sink (camping supplies shown, including camp stove and dishes are for display only and are not included).

Do you offer special discounts? 

We offer special discounts on bulk orders. Please reach out to hello@yokeoutdoors.com for details.